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Athletes Highlight Education as Key to Their Success

Shane Battier of the Houston Rockets [and Duke Class of 2001] and Myron Rolle, former Florida State football player and current Rhodes Scholar, share their personal stories to encourage students to take responsibility for their education.

Shane Battier, a classmate of mine from Duke, has always been academically-focused.  Myron Rolle, chose to defer the NFL for one year to study medical anthropology at Oxford.

Two young, successful African American males.  It pleases me to see this story planted on the U.S. Department of Education website.  But I’m a 30 y/o education researcher/evaluator with nerd-like tendencies – of course I’m going to see that story because visiting is something that I do for fun.

Is my 9th-grade cousin, who is quite academically capable, but who has also announced his dream to aspire to become a professional athlete, going to see this?  Yes, in fact, he will!! He will because this blog post will be imported to my facebook page, and I will tag him in that note.

Great.  But he’s just one.  It is incumbent upon us [if you are reading this, then you are included in the “us” to which I am referring] to push these stories down to where the younger generation will be exposed to them.

I feel a surge of passion coming on here! I believe that the current generation of K-12 students must not be studied, talked about, or used as pawns, but rather they should be ENGAGED.   We need to bridge this gap.


Education Policy & Practice

November 2009

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