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Stevenson University (formerly Villa Julie College), recognized as one of America’s “Top Up-and-Coming Schools” and “Great Schools, Great Prices” in U. S. News & World Report’s newly released 2010 edition of “America’s Best Colleges” is a small liberal arts university located in northern Baltimore County.  [tweetmeme =”wordpress”]

In the “News” section of its website, Stevenson advertises:

Visit Stevenson’s Campus and Earn Credit Toward Tuition

Prospective students can now earn a $250 credit towards their tuition when they register for and complete a qualifying campus visit. This credit will be awarded to them contingent upon their admission and full-time enrollment to the University for the fall 2010 semester.
I’ve never heard of this type of incentive for incoming freshmen.  And in all honesty, I must state that I don’t immediately disagree with this strategy, while I must also disclose that I do not have any knowledge of the rationale behind it.  Is this incentive part of a larger marketing/recruitment campaign?  I wonder what the – process was that led to offering a $250 credit.  Are the enrollment figures low?  How effective will a $250 incentive be in attracting students who might not otherwise consider Stevenson University? How will the University determine the effectiveness of this program? Will prospective students find that Stevenson is more attractive with a $250 inducement? 
Has anyone see an incentive like this one in higher education?  Please share if you have – I’m curious.    

Education Policy & Practice

December 2009

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